Don't tread upon me

Don't tread upon me

Welcome to I.B.W.C.P. – Proctor’s Militia

Fort Ligonier Days 2017

I.B.W.C.P. –  Independent Battalion Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, also known as Proctor’s Militia is an American Revolutionary War Reenactment Unit that portrays frontier and militia life in Southwestern Pennsylvania during the 18th Century.

The original I.B.W.C.P. Proctor’s Militia was formed on May 16 1775 at Robert Hanna’s Tavern at Hanna’s Town, after the Hanna’s Town Resolves were ratified, to defend by military action, if necessary, the rights of the Colonists to have a voice in their future.  When those rights were further degraded by the acts of English Parliament the men of the county of Westmoreland formed the Proctor’s Militia to support the new continental army and defend their settlements of the western frontier.

Historic Hanna's Town, Greensburg, Pennsylvania Proctor's Militia

Reformed in 2007 at Historic Hanna’s Town, Greensburg with thirteen founding members, the Proctor’s Militia unit now boasts twenty men at arms plus family members.  We are of varied backgrounds and professions, all with a passion for the history of our country, specifically the 18th century Western Pennsylvania frontier and the Proctor’s Militia.